At The Nail Spa, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best in high-quality, luxury nail, facial, and waxing treatments. Our spas offer men’s and women’s treatments with exceptional products that will leave you feeling reinvigorated. We carry out all our treatments according to the highest standards of hygiene to ensure your safety and comfort and use only disposable or extensively sterilised equipment. Our spas are fitted with luxury furnishings, mood lighting and music, extractor fans, and air conditioners to ensure our treatments are conducted in a comfortable, odour-free zone.

Nail Treatments
Manicures & Pedicures
We offer several luxury manicure and pedicure services that leave your nails, hands, and feet feeling rejuvenated.

Our nail care services include clipping and filing, infills, polishing, precise nail shaping, and cuticle care. Several of our packages also include sea salt and oil exfoliation, massages, and heated mittens.
Nail Enhancements
Our nail treatment services include a range of acrylics, acrylic powders, and hard gels that beautifully extend the length of your nails.

These are available as full sets or infills, and we also offer a take off and break treatment service.

Our Pricelist
To keep your nails looking nice and healthy: Infill is recommended every two weeks, take off and new set every two to three months.
All prices include VAT at 20%
VAT number : 188364955​​​​​​​
Spa Manicures & Pedicures
For your treatment, select from the OPI ProSpa or CND SPA range. Choose from a collection of 600 colours from the OPI Infinite Shine, CND Vinylux or Essie range to complete your treatment.
Express Hand Manicure
nails grooming, light buff & polish
Express Toe Pedicure
toe nails grooming, light buff & polish
Spa Manicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, massage & colour)
Signature Spa Pedicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, callus removal, exfoliate, massage & colour)
Luxury Spa Manicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, callus removal, sea salt & oil exfoliate, massage, heated mittens & colour)
Luxury Spa Pedicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, callus removal, sea salt & oil exfoliate, massage, heated mittens & colour )
French/American /Half tip colours ExtraFrench/American /Half tip colours Add £5
CND Shellac & Gel Polish
Gel colour is applied like a polish, wear flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine and removed in minutes. We only use top brands such as: CND, Shellac, O.P.I. Gel color, ibd, Gelish gel colours. There are 600colours to choose from.
Hand shape and Shellac £32
Toe nails shape and Shellac £34
Spa Manicure shellac £38
Signature Spa Pedicure shellac £55
Luxury Spa Manicure Shellac £50
Luxury Spa Pedicure Shellac £70
Shellac, Gel Polish, Take Off and Redo Add £5
French/American/Half Tip Colours Add £5
Nail Enhancement
Acrylic or hard gel can be used to extend the length of nails or applied over natural nails to strengthen them.

Full           Infill

Acrylic powders £45 £40
Acrylic & Shellac gel colour £55 £50
Gel Powders
Gel powder & Shellac gel colour
Pink & White
SNS Dipping Powders £50 £45
Single nail repair From £8
Take off & new set Add £5
French/American Half Tip Colours Add £5
 BIAB Builder Gel Overlays
£60 £55
BIAB Builder Gel Extension £70 £55


Add On Services
Swarovski gem x10 add on £4
Nail Art From £8
Single Art From £5


Men’s Treatments
Men Spa Manicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, massage)
Men Spa Pedicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, callus removal, exfoliate, massage)
Men Luxury Manicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, sea salt & oil exfoliate, massage, heated mittens)
Men Luxury Pedicure
(shape, cuticle tidy, callus removal, sea salt& oil exfoliate, massage, heated mittens)
Take Off Artificial Nails

Take off gel only                                        £15

Take off artifical nals                                      £20

Take off & normal colour £27
Take off & OPI Gel break treatment £22


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